How To Trade Stocks: A Comprehensive Guide

Achieve triple-digit annual returns in the market

Shashank Vemuri



I started trading as a sophomore in high school when I learned about the stock market by talking to my microeconomics teacher, a former broker at the NYSE. This time in high school was crucial to my development because I had a lot of spare time and a deep desire to learn about the markets.

I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours studying charts, doing deep dives into market structure, and absorbing knowledge from mentors like Pradeep Bonde and Kristjan Qüllamaggie. I was lucky to find these people early on because they shaved years off my learning curve. I was not profitable, and in fact, I lost most of my money multiple times, but I kept trying repeatedly.

Most people fail at trading because they’re not built for constant failure. No one is. It’s a skill you learn when you have an inextinguishable passion. Looking back on it, it truly is bizarre to keep trying something with virtually no odds of success. But that’s what I did for years, and it was essential because I think I learned more about the stock market during that time than I would have ever thought possible.

The purpose of this post is to pull back the curtains of what I learned during my time studying the market. I want to get into a high-level overview of my process explaining everything from the setups I’m executing to what markets I actively trade in. I’ll also include example charts!

Just a little disclaimer, though, whatever I say is just what works for me and is for informational purposes only. Do not attempt anything I say without doing your due diligence with hours of research and trial and error beforehand. That’s what I did to develop the system I’m about to explain. Never trade on borrowed conviction. Trust me, that’s a sure-fire way to blow up your account. So without further ado, let me get into the details.

Smart people learn from everyone and everything. Average people learn from their experiences. Stupid people believe they already have all the answers.

— Socrates

When I Trade

I’ve been fortunate enough to have other skills that give me income streams outside the stock market. I’m also young enough not to require too much money, so frankly, I only trade because I want to. It genuinely satisfies my…



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