Revealing the 6 screens that have led me to find multiple 500% gains in months

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Separate yourself from the average retail investor in 2021

Learn how to use Python to identify similarities in stock movements

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Learn how to parse real-time recommendations for any interval with Python!

Get Access to Live Fundamental Ratios, News, and Insider Trading Data in Seconds

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FinViz: The Ultimate Stock Screener

Access to the most up-to-date information is vital to any investing strategy, whether it be day-trading, swing-trading, or simply long-term holds. However, nowadays there seems to be a lack of resources for this purpose. Most API’s offer a severely limited free version with support for a very low number of requests similar to Financial Modeling Prep

The answer to the age-old question using Python

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What are Technical Indicators?

Technical Indicators, a subset of Technical Analysis, refer to the pattern-based signals usually dependent on the price or volume of a security. These indicators analyze trends in historical data in order to forecast future price movements. But are they really effective?

Learn how to create a Technical Analysis app using Streamlit in Python!

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Why 99.99% of Machine Learning algorithms never truly work

Learn how to harness the power of Python to win in the stock market…

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Import the dependencies and set the parameters

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Shashank Vemuri

Hey! I’m Shashank Vemuri, a 17-year-old software engineer, growth stock trader, and entrepreneur. Reach out to me! Linkedin:

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